Quality & Compliance

Quality is Assured

Topfix Interiors have implemented a site-based system to ensure not only are Topfix Interiors compliant but to ensure we exceed all expectations. Through the effective running of this system, our aim is to get the project completed on time, on price with no extras.

Topfix Interiors know that programmes and sequence of works change, so we complete weekly histograms so we can work with you to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

On a weekly basis, Topfix Interiors produces a quality and compliance report, this will document that we are completing works in accordance with the manufacturers' project pack to the highest standard. It also gives us the opportunity to continually check for quality and allows us to correct anything if needed.

Topfix also completes a weekly damage log, within this we can raise any issues, where possible we try to include how the damage has happened and by whom. 

Topfix Interiors produces a weekly plant inspection report where all plant is logged, at this time we check that all of the plants have been correctly erected, all plant is damage-free and all scaff tags have been completed correctly.

When Topfix Interiors is ready to start signing rooms off this will also be documented on a report, which visibly shows everything has been completed correctly.

Pre Covid a monthly inspection of this system was completed, in the current climate Topfix Interiors monitor this remotely, when safe to do so Topfix Interiors will reintroduce these visits.

Topfix Interiors attention to quality has seen us win many awards over the years including awards for Health, Safety & Environmental, best site supervisor, best contracts manager, FIS Judges award, Topfix Interiors are the only company to ever win the BG award for best installation and finish twice. Topfix Interiors have been nominated for the BG international award to be held in 2021. 

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