The Action Factory, Bath School of Art and Design

The Action Factory, Bath School of Art and Design


Formally the Herman Miller factory, this building was transformed into a new state of the art learning environment at Bath Spa University.

Topfix Interiors installed various partitions, seventeen different board types were used in total and Topfix Interiors won the BG award for best installation on this project. In additional there were lots of specialist installs such as SAS metal pan ceilings, fire treated timber panelling and decorative Heartfelt ceiling panels.

topfix styling
topfix styling

Location: Bath

Project duration: 50 Weeks

Project Type: Refurbishment

Summary of works

  • Drylining

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Plastering

  • Specialist SAS metal pan ceilings

  • Acoustic wall panels

  • Acoustic baffles

  • Specialist decorative Heartfelt ceiling panels

  • Specialist fire treated timber panelling

  • Specialist acoustic solutions

Products Used

  • British Gypsum metal sections

  • Gyproc 6mm Glasroc F MultiBoard

  • Gyproc 12.5mm Glasroc X

  • Gyproc 12.5mm WallBoard

  • Gyproc 12.5mm WallBoard MR

  • Gyproc 12.5mm FireLine

  • Gyproc 12.5mm Rigidur H

  • Gyproc 12.5mm Sixto 63

  • Gyproc 15mm WallBoard

  • Gyproc 15mm WallBoard MR

  • Gyproc 15mm FireLine

  • Gyproc 15mm DuraLine

  • Gyproc 15mm DuraLine MR

  • Gyproc 15mm SoundBloc

  • Gyproc 15mm SoundBloc MR

  • Gyproc 15mm F Firecase

  • Gyproc 19mm CoreBoard

  • Gyproc 25mm F Firecase

  • Celotex GA4000 Insulation Board

  • Isover APR

  • Rockwool RWA45

  • Corofil C144 Firestop blocks

  • Expamet BAT 150x150mm

  • BG 18mm Service support plates

  • 4mm LVF BB/BB Latvian Birch Plywood

  • 6mm Medite Flame retardant Plywood

  • 18mm Plywood

  • 12x2400x1200 Magply FireSure

  • 2000x1000x50 Coustifoam sheet

  • Sonatac adhesive

  • Gyproc FireStrip

  • Gyproc Sealant

  • Gyproc ProMix LITE Joint Cement

  • Thistle multifinish

  • Thistle Bonding coat

  • Birch plywood panels

  • PALSUN 3400x600x6mm sheets W Diff 700 42% LT

  • SAS System 200. 1250x500mm. Perf 1522

  • SAS System 200. 2500x500mm. Perf 1522

  • SAS System 150. 600x600mm Perf 1522

  • SAS System 150. 600x600mm. Plain

  • SAS Metal ceiling components

  • 600x600x20mm Ecophon Hygienic Foodtec A

  • Ecophon C3 ceiling grid

  • Heartfelt Panels. Anthracite 7599

  • Heartfelt Panels. Light Grey 7596

  • Heartfelt Panels. Middle Grey 7597

  • Heartfelt Panels. Dark Grey 7598

  • 1200x300x40mm Ecophon Solo baffle

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