Newport University

Newport University


A new build university in Newport sitting alongside the River Usk. Topfix Interiors installed over 58,000m of cedar to create a dual plain-curved soffit with raking returns and reverse hip ends. The soffit was split 46:60 internally / externally. Topfix interiors also installed high performing acoustic partitions, suspended ceilings including MF with perforated plasterboard and mineral fibre tiles into grid, and acoustic rafts.

This project won Topfix Interiors the British Gypsum award for best installation.

topfix styling
topfix styling

Location: Newport

Project Duration: 48 Weeks

Project Type: New Build

Summary of works;

  • Internal / external timber cladding to soffitt

  • Drylining

  • Suspended ceilings

  • MF ceilings

  • Plastering

  • Tape and Joinery

  • Acoustic rafts

Products Used

  • Red Cedar batten

  • British Gypsum metal sections

  • 6mm Glasroc F MultiBoard

  • Gyproc 9.5mm WallBoard

  • Gyproc 12.5mm WallBoard

  • Gyproc 12.5mm FireLine

  • Gyproc 12.5mm SoundBloc

  • Gyproc 12.5mm Moisture Resistant

  • Gyproc 15mm DuraLine

  • Gyproc 19mm CoreBoard

  • Gyproc Rigitone 8/18

  • Fermacell Powerpanel H20

  • Isover APR

  • Rockwool Dual Density Slab

  • Rockwool RW3

  • 1200x600x500mm Intubatt

  • Gyproc Sealant

  • 18mm Plywood

  • Thistle bond-It

  • Gyproc ProMix LITE Joint Cement

  • Gyproc Quicksand

  • Gyproc Joint filler

  • Gyproc Dri-Wall Adhesive

  • Thistle Bonding Coat

  • Thistle Multifinish

  • 600x600mm Gyptex Satin Spa

  • 600x600mm Gyptone Point 11 E

  • 600x600mm Gyptone Base 13 E

  • 600x600mm Ecophon Sombra A

  • 600x600mm Ecophon Focus F

  • 1633x600mm Ecophon Master Solo S

  • Luxalon Liner Ceiling panel

  • Armstrong ceiling grid

  • Ecophon ceilings grid

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