New Engineering Block UWE

New Engineering Block UWE


A new advanced teaching block specialising in Engineering at the University of the West of England. Topfix Interiors installed external wall coverings, internal partitions including several robust systems to accommodate fully glazed units, independent wall linings and a metal frame balustrade system incorporating a seamless perforated board, suspended ceilings including MF and mineral fibre tiles into grid and acoustic mass barrier ceilings. Acoustics works included over 500 units, a mixture of soffit hung baffles and rafts. Finishing included plastering along with elements of tape & jointing.

topfix styling
topfix styling

Location: Bristol

Project duration: 45 Weeks

Project Type: New Build

Summary of works

  • Drylining

  • Suspended ceilings

  • MF ceilings

  • Plastering

  • Tape & Jointing

  • Acoustic Treatment

Products Used

  • GTEC metal sections

  • GTEC 9.5mm WallBoard

  • GTEC 12.5mm Universal Board

  • GTEC 15mm Universal Board

  • GTEC 15mm Aqua Board

  • GTEC 15mm dB Board 

  • Knauf Stratopanel G8/15/20 perforated board

  • Décor VF 8/15/20R Vogl Fuge Acoustic Design Board

  • GTEC 19mm Fire Core Board

  • Rockwool RWA45

  • Plywood

  • GTEC Smartmix

  • GTEC Joint Filler Xtra

  • GTEC Joint Cement Xtra

  • GTEC Universal sealer

  • Thistle Multifinish

  • GTEC Intumescent sausage mastic

  • Earthwool APR

  • 600x600 Armstrong Hydroboard

  • 600x600 Armstrong Perla OP

  • Armstrong Ceiling grid

  • 1200x1200 Ecophon Solo

  • 1800x1200 Ecophon Solo

  • 2400x1200 Ecophon Solo

  • 1200x600 Ecophon Solo

  • 1800x900 Ecophon Solo

  • 1200x400 Ecophon Solo baffle

  • 1800x400 Ecophon Solo baffle

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